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Welcome to Parent’s Survival Resource & Connection Group. This is a safe space for parents, workers and families of children with disabilities or as we like to call them special abilities! We are two moms who have been there. We navigated the waters, kept afloat and came out swimming to victory. We are experienced from a parents perspective and we wish to share that with you all. If you or anyone you know have any questions or just need to feel less alone please reach out to us!

Please take a moment to review the disclaimer that follows:

We are not psychologists, doctors or even claim to play one through any aspect. The purpose of our Parent Survival Resource and Connection Group is to share our experiences, resources, and other information we have collected over the years to make life easier while navigating this process. If you are seeking consultation or a professional opinion, please reach out to your local medical professional providers to achieve your families’ goals and help for any concerns.

What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is defined as one of the most common behavioral and neurodevelopmental disorders of childhood. There is an estimated 8.4% of children and 2.5% of adults that have ADHD. One of the first signs in children is disruption in the classroom or problems with schoolwork. Although more common in boys, it does affect girls as well. While each person will present differently there have become some known…

Receiving A Diagnosis Jessica’s Analogy

As we have continued to grow beyond our expectations with welcoming from so very many. We have had the pleasure of meeting and discussing not only our workbook but what it is like as a parent to receive a diagnosis. Jessica always explains what receiving a diagnosis is like the same way every time. Her analogy just kind of seems to allow it to click inside others of how overwhelming…

Newly Launched & Coming Soon!

We are so very excited for the new things that are in the works. So much is happening so quickly and we are grateful for every bit of it. JOIN NOW! Parent’s Survival Connecting Aides & Parentshttps://fb.me/g/5Au1FQ0P3/SbLsWqz2This group is hosted by Parent’s Survival Resource & Connection Group.It is a place for aides and parents to connect with each other to better support those with special needs.If you are a parent…

About Us

Julia and Jessica are two mothers that became parents at a very young age. They continue to navigate the trials of having children diagnosed with a variety of special abilities. They came together as friends in university and began to discuss their children and the struggles surrounding the process. Through this they became a support system for each other along each step of their children’s journey to diagnosis.

Jessica who is a mom of seven children, writes about her journey and struggles as a mother which provides an anecdotal look into her life.

Julia a mother of many talents has worked her way through advocating and helping other parents navigate through the process of community, educational and government supports. Always open to help others.

Over the years we have both suffered losses of family supports, jobs, finances, and friends. Having a child with special needs can take over every second, minute and hour of a day that some may not understand.

Today diagnosing and receiving help for our children can seem like a massive, terrifying task. We have come together with tips, tricks, and resources that worked for us.

We have been there!